Things to check before buying a new car

Things to check before buying a new car

Purchasing a new car is one of life’s more exciting experiences, but it can be overwhelming and expensive if you don’t follow some simple car-buying rules. Fortunately, there are loads of resources available to help you find the perfect car at an affordable price. The more emotion you keep out of it, the better the final result. Knowing the buying process and how to navigate it is your best path to a smooth buying experience.

Research during the Purchase

Not only can you find pricing and feature data, but you can also explore safety and reliability ratings. Look at the overall picture while buying your car. Consider all of these factors before deciding on the budget for buying a new car.

Petrol, Diesel, CNG, or Electric

With the budget fixed, comes choosing the type fuel. The buyer in the market can choose from Petrol, diesel, electric or CNG depending upon the use.


The engine is heart of the car, the question comes, what to see when comparing two cars. Is it the Bhp or the torque? Also, what more confusing is whether to go for a small capacity engine or the one with large displacement? Let me tell you, Bhp or power is what that should have more preference.

Automatic or Manual?

Cars with automatic transmissions are becoming increasingly popular. Take all these factors into account before making a choice.

Driving Style

Buying a car based on your driving style is one of the things people consider before buying a new car. Coming to the last point of research, the features and creature comforts. This is something that depends on variants with the top-end trip getting all the bells and whistles that the car has on offer.

Take Test Drive

Before you decide to buy, test drives the car that you are considering. You can learn more from 10 minutes behind the wheel than from hours of research. You must check is the performance of the engine during test drives. Without proper functionality in the engines, the other features of the vehicle will hardly be enough to compensate for it. Further, do not forget to undertake a test drive. Focus on how the car operates, along with its brake capacity. As a driver, you would understand whether a particular vehicle is right for your needs and driving style during such test drives.

Discounts and Offers

One of the best tips for buying a new car – availing offers and discounts can, in some cases, lead to attractive price cuts. 

Ownership Cost

Deciding a car to buy, what’s even tougher is maintaining the vehicle. In the end, one spends a lot more than what he/she was willing to pay in the maintenance. That said, this factor should not be kept aside, as the value of the car depreciates with time and we tend to put more money on that very same car.

Maintenance Schedule and Look for Annual Maintenance Offers

A brand-new car will hardly give hiccups in your journey due to neglected maintenance. However, if you wish that your car remains in excellent condition even years after the purchase, you need to strictly follow its maintenance schedule.

Maintenance cost for cars can be substantial if you are using your vehicle daily. There are several brands that offer the free annual maintenance packages on the purchase of a car.


While your car is brand new, concerns regarding maintenance and servicing are likely to be minimal. However, with use and wear and tear, it certainly helps to have the best warranty on parts. You will need to check whether the warranty depends on the number of years or kilometers driven, as well as whether some extended warranties are available. This helps ensure the best maintenance and smooth functioning of your vehicle.

Check for the Perfect Insurance

It is also crucial to learn about the features and benefits of each plan and insurance provider before purchasing a policy.

No Claim Bonus

If you are eligible for a ‘No Claim Bonus’ on your insurance, you can transfer it to your new vehicle. You will have to do some additional paperwork, but the savings in the cost of insuring the new car could be significant. So, check with your dealer.

Check Resale Value

Thinking re-sale when buying a car is a wise decision which is practiced by almost everyone in our country.

Sell or Trade-in?

Car dealers often offer to exchange your old vehicle when you are buying a new one. While saving you the hassle of finding a buyer for your used car, this may not be a good idea financially speaking. Often the price offered in such exchanges is lower than what you get if you sell your car independently. Do some research, online as well as offline, and then decide.

Post Delivery

After taking delivery, speak to the sales staff about first service dates, and thank them for their assistance. You are now a car owner and can drive out of the showroom. Before using it again, read the owner’s manual carefully, end to end, and make sure you adhere to the run-in period of your new car.